Links and Tips

International Soundex Reunion Registry
National Crittenton Foundation
Summary Guide to the Florence Crittenton Collection
(does not contain actual case files) - University of Minnesota Archives
Adoption History Project
Child Welfare League of America Records
How to prepare for contact - great article
Adoptee's Bill of Rights - author unknown
Birth Mother's/First Mom - Bill of Rights - author unknown
Search Tips
If your state provides non identifying info -make a request
Check the laws in your state of the adoption for changes for the adoptee and birthparent access to records - you can check here: State Info
Start a notebook, of who you call/speak with, date time, etc. Make copies of any information that you have and put the originals in a safe place
Get a Generic Email Address such as Google or Hotmail
A Birth Mother is entitled to the hospital records of the delivery - if you are unsure of the date of birth this is another alternative
Keep a list of where you register and advise them when you have been reunited
A Birth Parent and Adoptee should place a consent letter in the adoption file with the agency. Update this information if your telephone or address changes
• Never - Ever - pay for a search up front - Make sure you work with a company that is licensed and has a no find no fee policy !!!!!