About Us:

Before society had accepted pregnancy outside of marriage, my birth mother age 18, became pregnant while in nursing school. Her mother was not around and had left the family to get jobs where ever she could to live. Part of my Birth Mother's life was raised in an orphanage after her father had died in the coal mines. Times were extremely hard and she had no place to turn.

If it wasn't for the Florence Crittenton Home she would not have had any choice of what to do to take care of herself. And after delivery she was able to stay at the home with me for about six weeks.

I went back and visited the home where my Birth Mother stayed and even the room she was in. The feelings during that visit standing in that room that we both had been in. It was a true connection with the past so surreal.

She left the home and put me in foster care hoping that she could find a way to continue her life and raise me. She got a clerk's job and a one room apartment. On weekends she was able to keep me. My birth father did not financially help. At almost 6 months she terminated her parental rights and I was adopted at 10 months. The last weekend she had me she borrowed money to go get a picture made. When I met her she had that picture and I had the same picture that was left with my toys and clothes when placed in foster care.

She tried her very best to make the right choices and I greatly appreciated them, but I also know she made a difficult decision to place me for adoption and wanting more for me than she was able to provide at that time.

Everyone's stay at the home can be different according to their own situation but many have walked thru their doors over the years and want to know their answers whether Birth Parent or Adoptees.

A lot of Birth Mothers wonder what happened to the child they placed, the scar of losing your child never goes away, birthdays can be depression, looking in the eyes of other children/adults trying to find something that fits into your memory.

Many Adoptees want to know their heritage, medical history, and may have questions to fulfill their lives

I personally owe a lot to this home for giving my Birth Mother a place to go and for us to stay. This was the start of the changes that would make me the person I am today.

Working to help others obtain closure. As an adoptee to know how you came to be who you are and the story of our life finally have a Chapter 1. For Birth Parents to have their answers about their birth child and to heal their heart and mind about the child they placed for adoption.